New 11ty Fylgja Blog

Your cool new blog, built with Eleventy and Fylgja CSS.

11ty starter template build using Fylgja CSS.

This 11ty starter is based on our very own site, but slimmed down so it is just bare bones version, with just enough things without adding to much.

This 11ty started is build with the newest version of 11ty, and comes packing with;

For more information on what is also included, see the package.json

How to use

Simply click to big green button named Use this template, and you can start building your site, in your very own repo.


This 11ty package uses 1 file to handle most site specific information, you find it in src/_data/meta.js.

Besides that this starter has a few configs for building the site, but there no needed to adjust them.

If you do need to add more, the eleventy.js config and the Eleventy site are your best picks to checkout.